About Us

Founded in 2003, Hawaii Payroll Services  is a locally owned and operated full service payroll processing company with a guiding principle to give the highest level of client service available.

Why Work With Us…

We are a privately held and established company, recognized for our commitment to delivering first-rate payroll solutions. While  most payroll companies are looking at payroll processing as a commodity and are selling to whomever will sign up for their services. Our model is different-Hawaii Payroll Services, by design, acquires most new clients through a referral based system, with very few clients that come to us through different channels. This provides for a client base that is more familiar with the product and is more likely to be a client for a long time. Hawaii Payroll Services would much rather grow by 5-10 new clients a year and keep them, than add 30+ clients a year and lose half of them for one reason or another.

Our Future Plans

Over the years, our core principles have never wavered and this had led to a very successful company. Hawaii Payroll Services may not be the largest payroll company in the state, nor will we be the “cheapest”, but our clients can rest assured that they will receive fantastic client service from professional company that they can work with.

Our future plans include remaining an independently held company in order to retain our focus on our clients, continued growth, personalized service that exceeds expectations, and offering products and services that provide our clients with an easier life!

Our clients know they are like family, and that they can count on us for all their payroll needs.



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Hawaii Payroll Services

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