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Payroll… is what we do!

We offer businesses an outsourcing payroll and payroll tax solution that fits- whether you are hiring your first employee, or your business employe’s thousands. Hawaii Payroll Services is a premium alternative to vendors who may not be as flexible or cost-efficient as your business may require.

So… What do we do?

That’s a good question. With each payroll processing we:

  • Calculate and Produce all payroll checks, direct deposit vouchers, and Garnishment/Agency Checks.
  • Provide a full-set of management reports either on paper, by email*, or both.
  • Directly send a full-set of management reports to your Bookkeeper and/or CPA on paper, by email*, or both.
  • All checks have the option to be digitally signed and sealed for confidentiality and convenience.
  • Submit your required State New Hire Reporting at NO Additional Charge
  • Make your required Payroll Tax Deposits (Optional Service)
  • Ship all checks/vouchers/reports to your location or split locations by the method you wish, either: USPS (US Mail), Courier Corporation Hawaii (Oahu Clients Only), Email*, or UPS.

Standard Management Reports Include:

Each Pay Period:

  • Fax Cover & Input Worksheet (Excel Version with Payroll Software Compatible Macros Available by Request)
  • Printed Payroll Checks, Direct Deposit Vouchers and Garnishment/Agency Checks
  • Check Register (Emailed* Excel version available by request)
  • Payroll Register with YTD Totals
  • Tax Deposit Notice Reminder (Available for Non-Tax Filing Clients)

Each Month:

  • Job Costing Reports
  • Customized General Ledger Interface**
  • Quickbooks Import Report**
  • Labor Distribution Report (Detailed, Summarized, or both Available)
  • Accrual Balance Report (Sick, Vacation, and PTO)
  • Check Reconciliation Reports
  • Workers Compensation Reports
  • TDI (Temporary Disability Insurance Report)
  • Compensation Detail Reports (Available for TDI Claims and/or Unemployment Claims submission by Request)

Additional Management Reports are Available at NO additional Charge

Wait… There’s more!

Each Quarter we:

  • Produce File Copy & Signature Ready Federal & State approved tax returns for our Non-Tax Service Clients
  • Electronically Submit the State of Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Form UC-B6 Wage Detail for ALL Clients
  • Clients Enrolled in Electronic Tax Filing Services– We will sign and submit your returns via Paper or Electronically.   
  • Send you a copy of the returns for your files.


  • Produce and Ship to you your W-2’s and 1099’s** (1099’s by request only)
  • Produce PDF Employee & Employer Copy on a CD for your files.
  • File the W-2 and/or 1099’s with the appropriate agencies.
  • Hand Deliver the State of Hawaii Annual Form HW-3 For ALL Clients
  • Produce and/or File State Annual Returns

Send you a copy of the returns for your files

Email*: Emailed reports are encrypted and password secured
Items marked with “**” are optional services and may be assessed additional fees.


It All Starts with a Pay Check

Select a solution that fits your needs:

* Small Businesses (1-50 Employees)

* Mid-Size Businesses (50-500 Employees)

* Larger Businesses (500+ Employees)



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