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Emailed/Faxed Time-sheet Reminders:

  • We will ALWAYS send a received email upon receipt of your email. If you do not hear from us within an hour, CALL US. We may not have received your email or fax.
  • Please be sure to Provide your Name & Telephone Number in the body of your Email or Upper Right Hand cover of your Fax Cover page, so we may contact you if there are questions regarding your payroll.
  • DO NOT use “White Out” to Remove or Change an Hourly Rate, Salary, Recurring Earning or Deduction. When Emailing or Faxing, we cannot see what you have removed. Neatly line out the item and indicate “Remove”, or “New  Rate/Amount”.
  • To Terminate an Employee, please neatly line out the employee’s name and indicate ‘Terminate”.
  • If a Salary Employee is On TDI or Receiving No Pay, Please neatly line out the Salary and indicate “On Leave” or “No Pay”.
  • To Avoid delays & Costly Errors. Please provide totals of ALL Hours per Earnings or Deductions. We will balance against your provided totals.

Online/Remote Payroll System Reminders:

Employee Maintenance Reminders

  • Saving Changes In Millennium:
    • Press F11 (On Your Keyboard) or
    • Click on the “Save Icon” in the Upper Left Hand Corner of the Screen
  • Employee Information Changes:
    • Employee Demographics:
      • Please DO NOT use “,” or “.” in the NAME Field. This will cause errors in your W-2 Files
      • Please DO Not use “,” in the Address Field. This will cause errors in your W-2 Files.
    • Direct Deposit Tab:
      • The Start Date and Prenote Date Should ALWAYS be the Date you enter the information in the Millennium.
      • A Prenote Date is always recommended when adding a new direct deposit account
    • Pay Rates/Reviews:
      • The Start Date should be the beginning of the Pay Period. Please DO NOT use the “Check” Date.
      • Terminated Salary Employees, Please be sure to remove the Base Auto Pay “Salary” Field at the bottom center of your screen.
    • End Dates:
      • 12/31/2100= FOREVER

TDI “Temporary Disability Insurance” Reminders:

  • TDI “Temporary Disability Insurance” REVERSALS: Please submit to our office for review and entry
  • Please remember to Remit a copy of the Disability Income Report provided by you Temporary Disability Insurance Carrier to our Office to process with payroll, that way the information may reflect properly on your Quarterly Form 941 Return and/or Employee’s W-2’s.

Payroll Submission Deadlines: 

  • Direct Deposit Services: Payroll Is Due by 12:00 PM Two (2) Business (Mon-Fri) Days Prior to Check Date.
    • IE: If your Check Date is Friday, Payroll is due by 12:00 PM Wednesday.
    • IE: If your Check Date is Friday and Thursday is a Holiday; Payroll is Due by 12:00 PM Tuesday.

 State of Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Contribution Rate 

  • The State of Hawaii will release the current calendar year contribution rate in Mid to Late March
  • We are advised by an Agent with the State of Hawaii Employer Service department to Calculate your unemployment contributions at the previous rate, until the Current Year’s Rate is Received.
  • Upon receipt of the “Contribution Rate Notice” from the Dept. of Labor, please forward a copy to our office immediately.
  • Upon receipt of the Form UC-B6, please forward the ORIGINAL FORM to our office immediately.
  • Failure to provide the current years rate, may result in errors on your 1st quarter Form UC-B6.


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